Hi guests and welcome to my website! As you can see, I am an adorable little dog. And if you met me in person, you'd know that I am super friendly and lovable 2 year old. But, I betcha' don't know all the interesting facts about me, so here goes!

I am a mix of golden retriever and sheltie (which is a small collie). Most people think that I will eventually grow to an adult-sized golden. But lucky me! I get to stay at 20 pounds! That means that my nose will be close to the ground for a lifetime.

I am originally from Puerto Rico, although I don't know the exact location. I was roaming the streets. I either ran away or was a stray from the beginning. My best friend Lynn thinks that I was a runaway since I acclimated to her home so easily and didn't make any messes in her house.

Diego at ahelterWell there I was, lonely old me, scrounging for food on the streets when along came the kindhearted folks from Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA. They picked me up (along with other homeless pups) and flew me all the way to Me in Lynn's armsNewEngland! I was very skinny and dirty and talk about a bad hair day! My friends at the shelter cleaned me up, groomed me and I was soon presentable to be adopted by my best friend, Lynn.

Fat and HappyLynn and her roomie Jen have since spoiled me beyond belief. They fattened me up, made sure I got all my shots and bought me winter gear. While I often hear complaining about winter weather, I can't imagine how I lived my life without snow. I have so much fun in it that I forget to pee and poop!

No hablo inglese

When I first arrived here, I followed commands only when given in Spanish. Now I am considered bilingual and learned a few new tricks in English while earning my Doggie Obedience diploma.

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I can sit, lay down, dance, stay, come and tilt my head to the side in the cutest manner when by best friend says, "Wanna go out?"

So, life for me is very fun. I sleep most of the day while my best friend is at work. She takes me to parks where I run through trails, jump in muddy water and try to chase ducks and squirrels.

Shopping w/LynnJust love to shop!

She takes me shopping, which I love because I get to sit in the cart and get lots of attention.

Aside from playing all the time, I also have a serious job as a Helping Hound. My best friend brings me to hospitals and nursing homes where I help people forget their troubles (even if just for a few short moments) by wagging my tail and just being me.

Wading in the Atlantic I can't wait for the summer when my best friend will take me to her parents house at the Cape. Atlantic Ocean here I come!

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